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Online Food Store

Online Food Store

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Perfect for caterers, restaurants & ghost/cloud kitchens. 

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Opting for an independent food online store over platforms like Uber Eats offers several distinct advantages. Firstly, independence grants greater control over your brand image and customer experience. Without relying on a third-party platform, you have the freedom to tailor your website and marketing efforts to reflect your unique identity, fostering stronger brand loyalty among customers. Additionally, operating independently allows for more flexibility in pricing and promotions, enabling you to optimize profitability and maintain competitive pricing without hefty commission fees. Moreover, by managing your own delivery logistics, you can ensure timely and reliable service, building trust and satisfaction among your customer base. Ultimately, an independent online takeaway store empowers you to forge direct connections with your customers, enhance profitability, and retain autonomy in navigating the ever-evolving food delivery landscape.

Get your online store up and running for your existing business or business idea.

  • Modern Homepage design
  • Content pages (About, contact, etc..)
  • Collection pages
  • Product upload & pages
  • Navigation setup
  • Wishlist function
  • Review function
  • Facebook & Instagram sales channel
  • Google & YouTube sales channel
  • POS sales channel
  • Live Chat
  • Integration with local payment gateway (Payfast, Yoco, etc)
  • Integration with local smart shipping and order management (BobGo)
  • Checkout customization 
  • Integration with email marketing platform (Klaviyo or Mailchimp)
  • PopUps sign up form
  • Email flows (Browse & cart abandonment email flows)  
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